Serious Injuries

When accidents happen the result can be serious injury or death. When an injury or death is caused by the negligence or carelessness of another, Texas law provides a remedy.

According the the National Safety Council, 167,127 people lost their lives to a preventable injury in 2018, and an estimated 38,800 people lost their lives to car crashes in 2019.

Claims arising from defective products and automobile accidents are types of personal injury claims. Others include slip and falls, dog bite cases, and claims arising from improperly maintained premises.

Texas has special laws for claims resulting in death. In fact, Texas has three separate wrongful death statutes – one for claims involving the death of an adult with a spouse and/or dependent children; one for claims involving the death of an adult with no spouse or dependents; and one for the death of a child. Each of these wrongful death statutes places limitations on the damages that can be recovered by the survivors of the person killed by negligence.

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Accidents Causing Serious Injuries